Translation Services in Portugal


There is language assistance available in Portugal, to assist individuals to deal with official entities within the country.

One of the more difficult things to deal with when you move to a foreign country, is the paperwork and processes involved with official bodies. Dealing with the various offices and personnel can be overwhelming when a lack of language skills is coupled with a lack of knowledge of how the processes work.

Fortunately Portugal has taken steps to assist with this. The High Commissioner for Migration (ACM) has a Telephone Translation Service (STT), that will assist in putting you in contact with any services, offices or entities who you need to communicate with.

There are over 60 translators available through the STT database that speak fluent Portuguese plus one or more other languages and are there to assist you.

Portugues written on blackboard

This service sets a telephone conference between the manager of the service institution, a translator and the migrant.

The STT service will arrange a telephone conference between the translator, the migrant and the Manager, or delegated individual, from the entity you need to communicate with.

This is a free service. It is available every week day during normal business hours (9:00am-7:00pm). If you are calling from a land line the phone number for Migrant Support is 808 257 257. If you are calling from a mobile you should call 00351 218 106 191. Please note that while the service itself is free you may have to pay local call charges and mobile phone charges based on your package.

For more details on the service please visit:

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