The Best Expat Blogs in Portugal

If you are looking to find insider knowledge about what it is like to live in Portugal, there are some excellent blogs created by expats who have made Portugal their home. We particularly enjoy the following blogs, but please let us know if there are others that we should recommend here.

1) Julie Dawn Fox’s Blog

Julie is brilliant writer and photographer. She has lived in Central Portugal since 2007 and she not only shares articles about Portuguses culture, living in Portugal and Expat life, she also shares information about day trips and things to do, which are full of ideas.

Find the blog here:

2) The Portugalist

With lots of info about all things Portuguese, we think our customers will really appreciate this blog. It contains lots of tips and advice for both new arrivals and seasoned Expats.

Find the blog here:

3) Gail at Large

This blog is run by freelancer photographer Gail, who lives in Porto. So, it has great photographs and information for both Expats and tourists visiting the area for the first time.

Find the blog here:

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