Preparing Your Rural Portuguese Home for a Spring Sale

Spring is a great time to sell your rural home in Portugal. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers and trees are blooming, and potential buyers are thinking about their summer plans. To make sure your home stands out and has our phone ringing with interested buyers, follow our top tips.

Increase Curb Appeal for the important “Featured Image”

First impressions matter, so make sure your home’s curb appeal is top-notch. The photo of the front of your home is usually the one that we will use as a featured image. That means it will be the first glimpse of your home that is seen by potential buyers on both our website and our social media channels. Tidying up the front garden or patio area, planting flowers and giving the front door a fresh lick of paint are simple, effective actions you can take to help us get the best shot. 

Let the light inside

Once potential buyers step inside, you want them to be wowed. This means decluttering your home and making sure it’s clean and bright. If you have heavy or dark window coverings up during the chilly winter, consider swapping these out for something lighter and more airy.

A little bit of TLC

If you have a list of things that need fixing, now is the time to get them sorted! We also recommend stepping into your home and really taking a look around, as if it’s the first time you have seen it. Do the walls need painting? Are there any broken fixtures? Could some of the old furniture or decorations and accessories benefit from an update?  This doesn’t have to mean a ton of expense either – a new set of cushions and a matching throw can freshen up a bedroom. 

Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are two of the most important rooms in any home, so make sure they’re in tip-top shape. This means updating any outdated fixtures, painting the walls, and decluttering the countertops. 

Outdoor Space

Rural Portuguese homes often have outdoor space, so make sure yours is inviting. In our experience, the outdoor space is often what wows overseas buyers, who are coming to Portugal to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle more, among other things. Create a beautiful outdoor dining space or upgrade existing furniture and accessories. Create a shaded reading nook. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and plant some flowers. If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is sparkly clean. 


It’s important to price your home competitively. We are here to advise you on the right price for your property. If they have been on the market a long time, it’s possible they have been priced unrealistically.

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