Salir do Porto

Key Facts

Population: 797

Area Size: 9.91 sq km

Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto was originally a civil parish within the municipality of Caldas da Rainha. In 2013 a new parish Tornada e Salir do Porto was established and the original Salir do Porto was united with Tornada.

The beach area is located next to the Tornada River that flows into the bay at Sao Martinho do Porto.

Salir do Porto, today is a growing community, made up of local Portuguese and people from around the globe who have made this area their home, either on a permanent basis or for holidays.

The village has become a desired location for many with it’s easy access to the beaches on the edge of the village as well as it’s access to Sao Martinho do Porto.  This was made easier when raised walkways were installed which lead directly from Salir do Porto to Sao Martinho, allowing villagers to walk into the bay along the beaches or dunes.

Salir do Porto is best known for it’s famous and large sand dune which stretches to 49 metres high and is considered the largest sand dune in Portugal.


Salir do Porto was originally a small village that was built around a seaport. The ruins that are still there today are part of the history of the fishermen who used to fish and live in this area.

“Alfándega” – old Customs House, from the 16th century, is located close to the waterfront and halfway between the beach and the far end of the bay. All that remains today of this building are the ruins.

During the reign of D. Afonso V and D. João II, many caravels were built here. This gave rise to much exploration and discovery by Portuguese sailors allowing them access to discover the world outside of their environment.

On the northernmost tip of the shoulders that meet the sea you will find the Chapel of Santa Ana. Until recently this was a complete ruin. However in 2020, supported by the Salirenses, the chapel was fully restored and now sits proudly and visibly, once again, at the entrance to the bay.

For centuries, this Chapel was where people went to pray, bid farewell to sailors and fishermen. The boats that were built were blessed before they began their sea journeys.

Amenities & Attractions

Salir do Porto offers both residents and visitors a good mix of amenities and attractions to enjoy.

Within the village there is a well stocked mini mercado, there are several good restaurants and cafes, as well as a post office and access to an ATM machine.

Besides the dunes and at the high point of Salir do Porto is the Miradouro.  This provides a stunning lookout point that gives far reaching views over the bay, both to the calmness of the bay and the roughness of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are stunning walks from Salir right up onto the headlands where you can walk for miles on trails and tracks that follow the coastline or divert slightly into the land before coming out again to yet more stunning views.

Our Team Recommends

There are many fossils and geological discoveries on the headland surrounding Salir do Porto, but none more interesting than the dinosaur footprints that date back to over 160 million years ago. Definitely worth the walk to see these and the beautiful countryside.

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