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Our Story

Spencer Becks was founded by Valerie Becks, an Estate Agent with more than 20 years experience in selling properties in the UK, Canada and Portugal.

After moving to Portugal in 2010 and building her local knowledge for a few years, Valerie was inspired to start her own real estate business. Having global experience and local knowledge, combined with a desire to offer exceptional, personal customer service, she was ready to help people from around the globe, find their dream home in the sun.

Naming Spencer Becks

It’s difficult naming a business these days. You wrack your brain for something clever and meaningful, only to discover the domain name has been used by someone else. Brainstorming over a cup of tea, Valerie realised that the obvious choice needn’t be so complex.

While Becks is Valerie’s surname, you may be wondering who Spencer is. In fact, Spencer was Valerie’s mother’s family name. It seemed right to honour the woman whose support and encouragement was always an important influence in Valerie’s pursuit of her dreams.

So there you have it, Spencer Becks was born over a cuppa!

a cup of tea
a classic silver coast windmill with blue sky

Our Windmill Logo

When the business started, it was clear that we needed a logo. Valerie was driving along the coast one day and was struck by the beautiful windmills that are dotted all along the coastline. The idea of a windmill as the logo was born. Anyone who knows the Silver Coast, will know that these distinctive windmills can be seen all around the landscape. The windmill is symbolic of the area!

In the early days, we created the windmill ourselves on something like clipart, but as we have grown over the years, it has been redesigned by professionals, into the logo you see on our website and advertising today.

We continue to admire the windmills dotted around the landscape. If you spot a good one, snap a photo, do pop it on Instagram and tag us @spencerbecksestateagent 🙂

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